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Acco Rexel is a leader in Office Products with a world-class brand and global sales.

Acco Rexel are part of ACCO Brands Corporation, one of the world's largest suppliers of branded office products, with annual revenues of nearly $2 billion. ACCO Brands markets products in over 100 countries across the globe through distribution networks.

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Acco World - Beginnings and History

Acco Brands Logo
1893 - Wilson Jones Ring Binder - Acco's first invention
The Wilson Jones Company was formed in 1893 when a jewellery repairer in Chicago invented and started manufacturing the first aluminum sheet holder. Six years later, the Wilson Jones company, then called The Chicago Shipping and Receipt Book Company, came under the control of Ralph B. Wilson. What followed dramatically changed the way people keep records - the invention of the ring binder in 1904. This event, coupled with a merger with the Jones Improved Loose Leaf Specialty Company, owned by W. Gifford Jones and his two brothers, catapulted the company into a leadership role in the office products industry. 
1903 - Paper clips
Fred J. Kline established the Clipper Manufacturing Company in Long Island, New York, for the manufacture of paper clips in 1903. 
1910 - First use of the name "ACCO"
The name of the Clipper Manufacturing Company was changed to the American Clip Company, which became "ACCO" for short. 
1912 - Invention of the ACCO Fastener
Seeing the success enjoyed by his paper clip, Mr. Kline took the next step in inventing the first locking paper compressor. The ACCO Fastener, as it is known today, hit the market in 1912. 
1922 - ACCO, Inc.
The company was incorporated as ACCO, Inc., changing its name from the American Clip Company. 
1924 - ACCO UK Ltd
ACCO UK Ltd was registered as ACCO Company Ltd on May 6th, 1924, and was based in Peterborough, England. ACCO began its distribution globally, based in England. 
1925 - Beginning of "Swingline"
From 1925 to 1930, Jack Linsky began the distribution of stapling machines and staples from a location on the lower East Side in New York City. In 1931, Jack Linsky started his own manufacturing under the name of "Parrott" Speed Fastener Corporation. A few years later, Mr. Linsky changed the name to Speed Fastener Co. However, it was Mrs. Linsky who developed the name, "Swingline," and Mr. Linsky agreed that this was a winner. 
1927 - ACCO Canada
ACCO Canada began operating on January 7, 1927 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. 
1933 - ACCO Catalog
ACCO introduced its first catalog for all ACCO products. 
1946 - Ogdensburg, NY location
ACCO moved from its base operation in Long Island City, New York to an expanded facility in Odgensburg, New York that had formerly served as a wartime plant.

1956 - Gary Industries
ACCO was acquired by Gary Industries. The name of the company, Speed Fasteners Co., has officially changed to Swingline.

1965 - Acquisition
ACCO acquired Vail Manufacturing, Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A. 

1966 - Move to Chicago, Illinois
ACCO Division of Gary Industries moved from its Ogdensburg, New York location to Chicago, Illinois. At the time of the move, Douglas Chapman -- who had been head of ACCO Canadian Co., Ltd. - assumed the presidency, and led a period of continuing growth for the company.
ACCO Australia begins operation in Melbourne as a subsidiary of ACCO Europe.
1968 - ACCO's Corporate Design
A new corporate design was introduced and helped to boost the popularity of ACCO brands' products, as people equated the familiar black and red bars with quality office products.

1970 - ACCO Canada & Swingline 747
ACCO Canada moved to Willowdale, Ontario, Canada. Swingline, Inc. was incorporated in Delaware in March.   Swingline 747 stapler was introduced to the market for the first time. 
1971 - Expansion of ACCO
A team of key ACCO executives bought the company from Gary Industries in a leveraged buy-out.  The company experienced a marked increase in product demand with its need for expanded production and distribution facilities. 

1972 - Swingline products
Swingline 444, 711, and 711 W/R Staplers were introduced to the market.

1974 The decision to build a new headquarters came in December, when the country was in the middle of a serious recession. But it was a carefully calculated decision. According to Douglas Chapman, Retired Chairman of the Board of ACCO World Corporation, "It was one of the most positive things we could tell our employees, customers and suppliers about our optimism for the future." 

1975 - Polyblend plant
ACCO established a start-up of Polyblend plant. 
1976 - Move of ACCO Headquarters
ACCO moved its headquarters to Wheeling, Illinois, U.S.A.

1982 - ACCO Acquisition
ACCO acquired Plymouth Tool, Ontario, Canada. 
1983 - ACCO goes public
ACCO went public on NYSE. As a result of a tremendous growth and progress shown by the company, ACCO first offered its stock in February of 1983. ACCO went on to the New York Stock Exchange the following month. The acquisition of Twinlock PLC by ACCO World Corporation. 
1986 - Kensington Microware
ACCO acquired Kensington Microware in New York, New York. 

1987 - American Brands (Current Fortune Brands, Inc.) Acco Rexel Logo
The acquisition of ACCO World Corporation by American Brands (now Fortune Brands) in added existing American Brands businesses of Swingline and Wilson Jones into North America and Rexel and Eastlight into ACCO Europe.
Marbig, founded in 1974, is acquired and merged with Rexel and operated as a separate business out of Sydney, Australia.
1988 - Day-Timers
American Brands acquired Day-Timers as part of a larger acquisition and added it into ACCO World Corporation.
ACCO acquired Val-Rex in France. 

1989 - ACCO Australia and Europe Acco Logo
ACCO acquired Marbig-Rexel in Australia and King-Mec in Italy. 
1990 - New Corporate Identity
Norman H. Wesley was elected President and Chief Executive Officer of ACCO World Corporation in January 1990.  A new corporate identity was implemented, featuring Worldmark logo to unify ACCO, Swingline and Wilson Jones brands.  ACCO acquired Hetzel in Germany.
1991 - ACCO USA
Bruce Gescheider was elected President and Chief Executive Officer of ACCO North America.  ACCO USA, Inc was formed in December 1991 with Swingline, Inc. changing its name to ACCO USA, Inc.  ACCO USA now included brands of Swingline, Wilson Jones, and ACCO.  ACCO North America was also established, encompassing ACCO USA, ACCO Canada and ACCO Mexico. 

1996 - ACCO Australia
ACCO Australia became part of ACCO World and reports directly to ACCO World. 
1997 - ACCO World
Norman H. Wesley was elected Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Fortune Brands' Home and Office division in 1997.  Bruce Gescheider was elected President and Chief Executive Officer of ACCO World Corporation in 1997.  Dan Waters was elected President of ACCO North America in 1997.
ACCO World and ACCO North America moved its headquarters from Wheeling, Illinois to its current location at Linconshire, Illinois, U.S.A.  Swingline manufacturing facilities have moved from Long Island City, New York to Nogales, Mexico.  In October 1997, ACCO acquired NOBO in Europe and MACO in the U.S.  Day-Timer Concepts, Inc. and Kensington Microware Limited were merged into ACCO USA, Inc.  After merging of Day-Timer Concepts and Kensington Microware, ACCO USA, Inc. changed its name to ACCO Brands, Inc. on December 31, 1997.
ACCO Australia and Marbig-Rexcel operations were consolidated as an independent subsidiary of ACCO World.
1998 - ACCO Brands' Growth
Apollo Space Systems, Inc. was merged into ACCO Brands, Inc. on December 31, 1998.  ACCO Brands Inc. now encompassed the U.S. office products businesses, including the brand names of Wilson Jones, Swingline, Apollo, and Kensington.  Day-Timer, ACCO Canada and ACCO Mexicana remained as separate companies, operating under ACCO World Corporation.  ACCO Brands established manufacturing of vinyl production at Ontario, California location.
1999 - ACCO World's Expansion
Norman H. Wesley, 48, was elected President and Chief Operating Officer and a member of the Board of Directors and Executive Committee at Fortune Brands, effective January 1, 1999.  ACCO World Corporation acquired Boone International in October 1999.  MACO (May Tag & Label Corporation) was acquired by ACCO Brands, Inc. in December 1999.  ACCO Asia was incorporated in Hong Kong as a wholly owned subsidiary of ACCO World Corporation, allowing direct shipping and invoicing to Asian customers regionally.  ACCO Brands, Inc. encompassed all of its leading office supplies brands in one umbrella. These brands included Wilson Jones, Swingline, ACCO, Apollo, MACO, Perma, Kensington, and Day-Timer.  ACCO World acquired ACCO New Zealand. 
2000 - ACCO World Millennium
David D. Campbell was elected President and Chief Executive Officer of ACCO World Corporation.  ACCO Asia has established its first regional office in Tokyo (ACCO Asia Japan).  ACCO Canada moved to its current headquarters location at Brampton, Ontario, Canada.
2001 - Changes for ACCO World and ACCO Brands
ACCO Brands, Inc. has established a new North American organizational structure with 5 Strategic Business Units: Wilson Jones, Swingline, Day-Timer, Kensington, and Presentation Products (Apollo Presentation and Boone International).  The leaders of 5 business units are as following: Dennis Chandler for Wilson Jones, Bruce Neapole for Swingline, David Clark for Day-Timer, Bill Murray for Kensington, and Wally Schubel for Presentation Products.  Mike Vogel, Executive VP of ACCO Brands, Inc. leads the 5 business units and shared services.
Charles Pettican was named as a new leader of ACCO Europe effective June 1, 2001, with Gary Trussler's retirement after a 20-year career with ACCO Europe.  Victor Biggs leads ACCO Australia.  Paul Easthope leads ACCO Canada and ACCO Mexico.  Mark Miller leads ACCO Asia and establishes its PRC infrastructure with headquarters and warehousing in Shanghai and regional sales offices in Beijing and Guangzhou, China.
2002 - ACCO World and ACCO Brands People and Places
Joe Winters was named President of Day-Timers.  Dave Clark was named President of Apollo/Boone [Presentation Products].  Paul Easthope was named President of Kensington.  Wally Schubel was named Vice President of Shared Sales & Services.  Bruce Schwartz was named Vice President of Distribution.  David Crisp was named General Manager of ACCO Canada.  Roy Rodriguez was named Vice President, Operations of Wilson Jones.  John Stasiw was named Vice President, Sales and Marketing of Wilson Jones.  Tom Russo was named Vice President, Sales and Marketing of Kensington.  Don Angel was named Vice President, Product Management & Development of Kensington.  Philip Monaghan was named European Vice President Supply Chain.  Andy Page was named European Vice President Finance and Administration.  Henri Gruner was named General Manager of France.  David Kidd was named General Manager of Italy.  Simon Wells was named European Director of HR
John Walker was named UK Sales and Marketing Director. won the Web Marketing Association's 2002 WebAward Competition's Standard of Excellence Award - a salute to corporate Web sites with outstanding design, navigation and innovation.  European Stapling production consolidated into Llantrissant in Wales
UK Whiteboard production consolidated into the Peterborough facility.  Relocation of Boone business offices, manufacturing and distribution to Corona, California
2003/2004 - Where Acco World were then.  Acco World Logo
Acco World are over 6,000 strong in 60 locations around the world, and do business wherever their customers need them. ACCO World includes ACCO Brands, Inc., ACCO Canada, ACCO Mexico, ACCO Europe, ACCO Australia, and ACCO Asia.  Acco World's vision and philosophy is as follows:

"ACCO World manufactures and markets office products to customers around the world.  Our vision is to be a sought-after company, delivering exceptional value to our investors, our customers, our suppliers, and our people.  At ACCO World, business leaders need to create simple, reality based, customer focused, actionable plans and communicate them straightforwardly to all constituencies.  We can only achieve sought-after status through the strengths of our people, their ability to execute and their commitment to a core set of operating principles.  Focus, Simplicity and Agility."

ACCO World Corporation's Leadership:
David D. Campbell, President and Chief Executive Officer
Neal V. Fenwick, Executive Vice President, Finance & Administration
Charles W. Pettican, Chairman, ACCO Europe PLC
Michael J. Vogel, Executive Vice President, ACCO North America
Denny Chandler, President, ACCO Brands, Inc.
Victor R. Biggs, Managing Director, ACCO Australia