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For over 80 years and three generations Franklin Miller Inc. has been a leader in size reduction technology.  Franklin Miller Inc. started in the making of ice crushers in the early 1900s. In 1953 Harold Galanty took over the Franklin Miller helm as company president. Under his guidance, Franklin Miller Inc.  expanded into chemical processing and other industrial size reduction applications. Over the years Franklin Miller's line and experience has grown. Today Franklin Miller's broad line of processors includes units for not only paper shredding but also chemical processing, pharmaceuticals, foodstuffs, minerals, wastewater treatment and many other industries. Franklin Miller's unique combination of experience in both dry solids processing and liquid or pressure seal systems has made Franklin Miller uniquely capable of solving many difficult customer process problems.

Franklin Miller TASKMASTER shredders

can be used for recycling confidential documents and other sensitive meterials en masse in seconds.  These units are so powerful they can handle a full stock room of documents in short order.

Franklin Miller shredders

can also make space in a warehouse and reduce haulage fees with a heavy duty TASKMASTER.  These powerful Franklin Miller workhorses can reduce pallets, crates, boxes, containers, fibre or metal drums, tyres, consumer products, electronic components, food and pharmaceuticals in seconds.

Franklin Miller Inc.

is also experienced in handling such diverse applications as solid rocket fuel reprocessing, cryogenics nuclear waste reduction and safe destruction of microchips and other electronic components.  Where standard designs do not meet your requirements, Franklin Miller Inc.'s experienced engineering team can develop special designs and systems.

Franklin Miller versatile TASKMASTER® shredders

employ a low speed, high torque mechanism for the powerful reduction of tough and bulky waste solids.  The Franklin Miller TASKMASTER comprises a complete line of shredders and shredding systems for a wide range of applications.

Franklin Miller TASKMASTER shredders quickly reduce a variety of bulk solids, cut storage and disposal costs, reduce scrap volume by up to 80% and aid in the safe disposal of sensitive, substandard or hazardous materials.

Franklin Miller Incorporated's TASKMASTER shredders are used for waste reduction, recycling, wastemaster treatment, medical waste, pulp and paper and directly in manufacturing processes.

Franklin Miller Mobile Shredding Trucks.   

Franklin Miller Trucks

  MS10 shredding trucks make it easy to quickly shred tons of documents, reports, checks, boxes, binders and print-outs. They can quickly reduce documents for entire companies, institutions or departments. They can also reduce product, x-rays, cassettes, cds, electronics and much more. What's more, MS10 Series trucks provide a host of unique features that makes them truly easy to use, durable and highly effective.  With every MS10 truck, you get top quality, state-of the-art American technology and a manufacturer with an 80 year tradition of quality and customer support.

Standard equipment includes: a powerful TASKMASTER twin-shaft shredder which outputs confetti-like paper chips, a powerful auger-compactor for optimized storage capacity, an advanced hydraulic power supply driven directly by the truck's own 250 HP engine, a fast and easy discharge system and an automatic control system that monitors and coordinates all system functions.