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Martin Yale Industries was founded in Chicago, Illinois during the 1930s by Martin Yale, and Bob Blanc and moved to Wabash, IN in 1990.  Martin Yale Industries Inc. markets paper shredders, table-top office and mailroom equipment along with pre-press, bindery, and finishing machines for the graphic arts industry.  

Other brands in the Martin Yale family include Premier™ table-top trimmers and office machines, Master™ paper punches, catalog racks and reference systems and Mead Hatcher™  ergonomic computer management accessories. 

Martin Yale              

Martin Yale       Marin Yale

Martin Yale

Martin Yale Press Release, May 9, 2006


New Paper Shredder Line for Home, Small and Large Offices from the Leader in High Security Shredders-

(Wabash, IN., Martin Yale Industries, Inc., May 1, 2006) - Martin Yale announces the introduction of their new paper shredder line developed exclusively to give consumers a choice of high quality, easy to use shredders.  The new line will compliment any décor while giving the user comfort and confidence in knowing that when they shred documents or personal information they are protecting their individual or company’s information from theft and mis-use.

Martin Yale has been making shredders for over 50 years and is a global leader in supplying high security shredders to all levels of government.  The company decided it was time to offer similar technology and quality to consumers who wanted quality shredders at affordable prices.   This new shredder line was developed by translating the knowledge, engineering and quality of the company’s high security shredders into a more compatible line focused on home, small and large offices.  The new shredder line has numerous models in both strip cut and cross cut and in various sizes to fit the needs of all users from home office to departmental shredders.   They all have easy to use “smart” controls with LED lights as informational aids and built in safety features.  The shredders will destroy credit cards, staples and paper clips and the larger strip cut and cross cut shredders will safely destroy CD’s.    The shredders have locking “easy-roll” casters for portability and a mess-free easy to empty waste bin.

  “We felt it important to deliver what the consumer was crying out for: shredders that were more attractive, safer, more mobile and durable.  Many of the shredders in the market are really just toys.  Accordingly we determined we  could provide a better solution at a great value,” explains Fritz Nueschel, President of Martin Yale Industries, Inc. for North America.

 The shredders in the new line have manufacturer’s suggested retail prices ranging from $149.95 to $699.95 depending on size and function.

 With the next phase of the 2003 FACTA (Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act) legislation that took effect in June 2005 it is important for everyone to be aware of the need to protect their own identity and private documents as well as their employee’s.  David Parkhill, Shredder Product Manager, explains, “FACTA makes all employers whether a family with a housekeeper or a large company responsible for the protection of all employee personal information like social security numbers, credit card or bank statements, etc.  Penalties for non-compliance can be in the thousands of dollars.”

  The law recommends acceptable steps for disposal.  It states “shredding or burning” and “smashing or wiping” (electronic data) are acceptable methods of destruction.  Dumpster diving is NOT illegal and once documents are in the garbage they no longer belong to the owner. “Everyone either needs to own a shredder or have access to one in the office or at home.  Isn’t it worth spending a few hundred dollars on a shredder to safeguard your identity and protect your personal life?” asks Parkhill. 

 For more information contact Martin Yale Industries, Inc. by calling Customer Service at 1-800-225-5644. 

 Martin Yale Industries, Inc. is the recognized global leader of document processing and handling solutions headquartered in Wabash, Indiana.  They manufacture the finest mechanical and electromechanical products designed to enhance the efficiency and productivity of today’s offices, home offices, print shops and mail rooms.