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Shredder manufacturers

A number of shredder manufacturers supply shredders under various brand names with new ones appearing on a regular basis particuarly on the Pacific Rim.  However machines produced in the Far East are usually small or even manual shredders, which many consider unsuitable for use in an office environment.  There is a widely held belief in the shredder industry that at the moment the best shredder manufacturers and brands of office shredders come from Germany.  However, many quality brands are manufactured elsewhere including Acco Rexel in the UK and other manufacturers produce shredders in the USA.  Other quality machines, aimed for commercial and specialist use, are manufactured in Australia, New Zealand, Austria and Elsewhere. 

Shredder manufacturers - Brand Names

Shredder manufacturers produce machines that are sometimes sold under various different brand names.  It should not be assumed that if you were to buy a shredder with a particular brand name that the shredder would therefore have been manufactured by the same company as other machines sold under that same particular brand name.  Many branded shredder ranges include cheaper machines at the lower end of a range, manufactured in China and elsewhere, but with German or British made machines at the higher end of the scale.

Shredder Manufacturers - The better known names

Some of the better known shredder manufacturers are (Acco) Rexel, Dahle, EBA, Fellowes, Franklin Miller, GBC, HSM, IDEAL, Intimus, Martin Yale, Olympia, Schleicher and Taros.

German Shredder Manufacturers

These include Krug & Priester, Dahle, Schleicher and HSM.